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Web Talk To Design Version 2

Web Talk To Design Version 2

Web Talk To site design version two released at the beginning of 2013.

This version of Web Talk To has four main different page templates.
Templates for:

  • Home (index) page
  • Store pages
  • Regular site pages
  • Blog pages

Home, store page and blog page completely different. Each of those templates has their own design conception, but at the meantime this three different templates complete each other and together compose one solid piece.

Also, there are some custom pages, such as pages for:

  • Paul Motian Theme
  • Knowledge of idea. Well forgotten old
  • Customizing the look of WordPress single post page. Example one

Two variants of the Front Page

Index-Page WebTalkTo design version2

Index Page2 WebTalkTo design version2

Header Slideshow Graphics of the Front Page







Store Page Template

Store-Page WebTalkTo design version2

Regular Page Template

Site-Page WebTalkTo design version2

Blog Page Template

Blog-Page WebTalkTo design version2

“Paul Motian Theme” Page


“Knowledge of idea. Well forgotten old” Page


“Customizing the look of WordPress single post page. Example one” Page


Web Talk To Site Design History

WebTalkTo website design version 9 handcrafted with the greatest care in October 2016.
Find more about other design versions @ Site Design Archive.
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