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WebTalkTo design versions archive

WebTalkTo design versions archive

Current version 9.2 December 21, 2016

Version 9.1

December 2016

WebTalkTo v.9 work in progress

Version 8.1

June 2015


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Version 7.1.3


Black Swan experiment WebTalkTo-v7.1.3 (02.2015)

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Version 7.1


WebTalkTo design version 7.1

Working on the design for WTT version seven

Version 6.1


webtalkto design version 6.1 (contact page)

Corporate Identity Presentation
Working on Corporate Identity Presentation
Logo upgrade. Working process
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Version 6


WebTalkTo design version 6

More screenshots of this design version
Logo and website working process
Social media icons set
Social media icons set no.2
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Version 5.4

01 March 2014

Web Talk To Design Version 5.2

Click here, to see – how i did it.
More screenshots of this design version
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Version 5

23 December 2013

I have pictured the creation process of this design version from the very beginning (first sketches) up to the final version of the design. Click here to view the creation process.

Web Talk To site design version 5

Version 4.2

06 December 2013

Click to read more about this design version.

Web Talk To site design version 4.2

Version 3.1

August 2013

Screenshots of the pages templates and few words about version 3.1 – here.

Web Talk To Design Version 3.1

Version 3. June 2013

Contact page

Design Version 3

Themes page

Design Version 3. Themes

Version 2 released at the beginning of 2013

The website is built on WordPress platform, has a responsive structure and different design for pages.
The process “Order & Pay” is automated by using PHP and JS scripts.

Version two of WebTalkTo site design

To read about second version of Web Talk To, click here.

Version 1 (November 2012)

Welcome to Web Talk To. This is one page portfolio of website themes. This version of Web Talk To worked without database.

Version no.1 of Web Talk To site design

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Step 3

This is the last sketch of the web store.

Web Talk To design sketch

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Step 2

Here begins the business.
I make an offer of cooperation to one of my friends – Vit and we decided to move an existing website themes portfolio to domain name. Through we start to offer websites to the public.

Screenshot of Vit & Max front page web design

Step 1 (2012)

In one point there were four beautiful themes hanging around. Those four first themes of my future Web Talk To portfolio I created for myself, without any business ideas behind it, in matter of artistic search and growth in the field I love. After a while I created a page and linked demo websites based on those themes to have kind of portfolio.
Here is screenshot of first (Web Talk To in future) front page.

Screenshot of Web Talk To first  front page design

WebTalkTo website design version 9 handcrafted with the greatest care in October 2016.
Find more about other design versions @ Site Design Archive.
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