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Card Style

Card Style

Published March 4th, 2014 by Maxim Aginsky

Influence. – Web Talk To

Back and forth and back and forth; me – WTT and conversely.

Not long time ago I made some changes on my personal site style (I took some ideas from WTT), because I thought – it will be nice to have some kind relation between my personal site and my studio.

Now I am going to use some ideas from MA and to see what is happening if I will use them for WTT. It would really connect the two sites.

– Yes. I have new obsession – Card Style. Most of the things I am creating this days are looking like a cards.

I am going to work with: Articles page and Portfolio page.

Current design

1 card style

2 card style

Design Tests

2a card style

3 card style

4 card style

5 card style

6 card style

8 card style

9 card style

View on tablet screen.

10 card style

11 card style

12 card style

13 card style

14 card style

15 card style

16 card style

17 card style

18 card style


Now let’s see how much difference in design is between the two sites.

One (personal site design)

19 card style

Two (portfolio design test)

18 card style

And three – beautiful!

Now, I will probably wait for several weeks to make sure, that I really like the new design version. And if I do, I will…


Two hours later I found myself working on the footer design and after some time I started to rebuild the site. And!? I finished the same day I started tests. Why not!?

Working on the footer

20 footer design

21  footer design

22  footer design

23  footer design

24  footer design

25  footer design

Design version 5.2

Final screenshot before I will launch this version.

26 final


Now – I guess – I will start to rebuild my personal site. And… “Back and forth and back and forth; me – WTT and conversely.

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